Should I incorporate provincially or federally?

Federal Incorporation Provincial Incorporation
Corporate name protection is second only to Trademark Protection. The corporate name is protected across Canada. Corporate name as a right is only protected in the province or territory of incorporation, although the name will also be protected from being used for Federal incorporation purposes by unauthorized parties.
Federal Name Granting Guidelines are very strict and many proposed names are rejected. Incorporator’s responsibility to ensure that proposed corporate name is available for use. Names are rejected if they are exactly the same or conflict with another confusingly similar name already in use.
A federal Business Number is automatically assigned upon incorporation. A federal Business Number must be applied for separately.
Can operate across the country as of right, subject to provincial extra-provincial filing requirements. Can only operate within the province of incorporation as of right. Must register extra-provincially if operating out of other provinces (have a permanent office in).
Government Incorporation Fee – $200.00 Government Incorporation Fee – Will range from $100-
$350 depending on provincial jurisdiction.


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