Due-Diligence Solutions

Our due diligence services help you obtain crucial information about corporations, businesses and individuals across Canada. You can conduct due diligence searches for all your corporate/commercial transactions – mergers and acquisitions (M & A); private financings; investments; and share and asset purchases. You’ll receive all your corporate due diligence search results summarized in one concise, comprehensive report. And every step of the way, our experts are here to help – just ask.

Solutions are available in the following areas:

Corporation and Business Due Diligence Searches

Obtain all the required information to make informed decisions on a target corporation anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

Perform accurate due diligence background checks on corporations, businesses and individuals prior to entering into any new deals in any jurisdiction across Canada and the US. Reveal both current and historical information relating to Litigation (court case) matters, Judgement details, Bankruptcy, Liens, and Asset Sales. Receive real time access to updated corporate and business information reports. Request summary reports.

Our Due Diligence Solution intelligently structures your deal. Request numerous reports over multiple jurisdictions – all within the same transaction – and save time and increase accuracy. Take advantage of our comprehensive nationwide name lookup feature with enhanced search algorithm. Click once to request updated searches, click once to load search templates. A better way to search. It’s that fast. It’s that easy. Access it anywhere, anytime.

PPSA/RDPRM Solutions

Protect your assets with unrivaled and powerful tools that allow for accurate and quick perfection of your security interests across Canada

Register, renew, amend and discharge your securities under the PPSA (Personal Property Security Act), the RSLA (Repair and Storage Liens Act) and the RDPRM (Québec’s Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights) in any jurisdiction across Canada. Search to confirm perfection and reveal priority between secured parties. Set and track the expiry date of registrations. Easily inform Debtors of registrations. Quickly request post registration searches.

Our unrivaled Nationwide PPSA/RDPRM Solution brilliantly combines the registration process with the search feature and debtor notification. It means, minimized data entry, automated processes, and reduced error risk., A solution that is effortless and efficient. Quickly duplicate registration information into other jurisdictions using our unique copy feature.

Real Estate Solutions

Unmatched expertise. Guidance along the way. A full range of solutions to address ownership of land and encumbrances across Canada

Perform searches of Title in the Registry and Land Titles systems across Canada. Determine ownership on title and encumbrances registered. Determine assets to enforce judgements. Locate individuals in order to serve materials. Register construction liens on title, certificate of actions, certificates of pending litigation, notice of security, and notice of lands. Conduct searches related to land, such as unregistered Hydro easements, tax certificates and zoning searches.

Our unfailingly full service Real Estate Solution offers personal guidance, transactional support and validation of steps along the way, while our Due Diligence service provides you with the flexibility of performing searches directly online. With tools and resources to locate difficult piece of lands, we can examine sketches, maps and photos of land without the need to attend the land registry offices. Our solutions include comprehensive coverage across the various land titles registry offices in order to obtain quick and reliable historical documents. A one-stop shop with unparalleled knowledge.

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