Corporation and Business Due Diligence Searches

Obtain all the required information to make informed decisions on a target corporation anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

Services are available in the following areas:


Corporation and Business Name Information

Increase your knowledge and make informed decisions on your target companies with Cyberbahn. Search for corporate information on public government registries across Canada and the U.S. to support your corporate deals and drive the terms of the transaction.

Cyberbahn allows you to conduct corporate searches to obtain information in connection with a target company and the vendor along with their predecessors and subsidiaries. Perform your corporate and business name searches to confirm active status and existence and to reveal information such as current corporate name, any French form of the name, any former names, any predecessors names, any extra-provincial information, any current registered business names, its registered office address, directors and officers information, document filings, and any expired business names.

Order a Certificate of Status for your Health and Dental Professional Corporations and meet your yearly renewal obligations. Ask us for a reminder notification to guarantee compliance.

Due Diligence Searches

Due diligence searches are now faster and easier!

Manage and minimize risk. Assess the accuracy of the strengths and weaknesses of a target business. Reduce the number of unidentified facts. Gain insights on matters that will have to be dealt with prior to closing. Determine the nature and extent of due diligence required.

Cyberbahn allows you to conduct corporate transactional due diligence across Canada and the U.S. to support corporate/commercial transactions such as merger and acquisition deals, private financings, investments and share and asset purchase transactions.

Perform due diligence searches such as Bankruptcy, PPSA, Bank Act, Corporation Profile, Litigation to identify anything that might impact a transaction such as: the corporate entity is cancelled, amalgamated or continued to another jurisdiction, the entity is in default for not filing annual returns and is at risk of being cancelled, liens or mortgages that were not disclosed ,a lien that was supposed to be discharged under the PPSA is still an active lien, bankruptcy or Bank of Canada loans that were not disclosed, litigation actions pending, and any environmental orders pending.


Verify perfection. Ensure your security interests are enforceable against third parties. Check for PPSA registrations registered in a system for regulating the priorities between creditors of a certain debtor with respect to the personal property secured.

Cyberbahn allows you to search for liens and security interest across Canada and U.S.A. on Corporations, Business Names, Individuals, Motor Vehicle Identification Numbers and Serial numbers. PPSA searches indicate whether the personal property has a lien and is subject to security interests of creditors by checking the PPSA registers, databases maintained by provincial governments.

Search for a lien against an individual, a vehicle or a business. Check to see whether any personal property of a business or individual is encumbered and subject to the security interests of creditors.

Save valuable time by receiving all your PPSAs searches summarized in one concise, comprehensive report.

Securities Filings

Protect lenders from the possibility of not getting their money back. Safeguard a creditor from a debtor making a sale of its stock out of the usual course of business.

Cyberbahn allows lenders loaning money to a business or individual to purchase goods or equipment to file a Notice of Intention with the Bank of Canada. Let us help you file the Notice of Intention to indicate any lenders that have taken a security interest in the inventory and/or equipment of a corporation or an individual.

Cyberbahn allows you to file a Bulk Sales Affidavit to inform that creditors have been paid or that they will get paid from the proceeds of the sale. The affidavit informs whether a corporation, business or individual has made a sale of its stock out of the usual course of business.

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