What is the difference between a NUANS® Name Reservation, a Preliminary Search and a Comprehensive Name Report?

A Preliminary Name Search is a prescreen/quick search which allows you to determine the suitability and availability   of a proposed name. A NUANS® Name Reservation, on the other hand, is an actual reservation which holds the name, exactly as entered, for a period of 90 days. Please note that this does not mean the name reserved is suitable for use, and a reserved name can still be rejected by the registering authority.

A preliminary search is a basic check, and we will provide you with an e-mailed list of any matching or similar names to the ones you submitted. You will be permitted to submit up to 5 different names for us to search, and this will save you the higher costs associated with ordering a full NUANS® Name Reservation for a name which is either not available or unsuitable for use.

Our Comprehensive Name Report features the most in-depth analysis of your proposed name, going beyond NUANS and other government sources and including domain name results too. This is the ultimate report which gives you the most information.


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