Litigation Solution

Rely on us for fast, efficient litigation support services. From issuing, filing and serving court documents to conducting due diligence searches, we make the litigation support process exactly what it should be – perfectly seamless. Our litigation staff offers expert assistance right from the beginning of an action through to judgment, enforcement, settlement or decision.

Solutions are available in the following areas:

Court Issuance and Filing

Unparalleled Scope. Intelligent Technology. A service beginning from an action through to judgement, enforcement, settlement or decision.

Accurate, reliable, and efficient filing and issuing of court documents at all levels of the Judicial System. Conditional on the type of court document, you may submit your request to us electronically or request to have it picked up using our revolutionary Legal i LinkTM tool. Upload the required court document to be filed and specify your court region, court office and court decision and we will take care of the rest!

Every step of the way, Legal i LinkTM, our secure online portal, will provide real-time status updates to allow you to track them 24/7 using the web. You’ll know exactly when your document has been issued or filed. And you’ll get access to invoices, affidavits and issued claims in PDF format. Get the details that you deserve. Our internal eBoard electronic tracking system allows us to efficiently monitor and manage your requests – you’ll always be confident that your order will be completed accurately and on-time.


Process Serving

Exceptional Service. Expert Process Servers. Get the results and details that give you confidence.

Rely on our team of expert process servers to quickly and professionally serve your documents anywhere in Canada pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure. If you require service in other parts of the world, call us and we’ll arrange delivery through our extensive network of reliable agents. Using the latest search resources we are able to find and serve those hard-to-locate parties. Rely on us – our success rate speaks for itself!

Take advantage of our revolutionary Legal i LinkTM tool to upload your issued documents electronically so that we may commence service of process immediately. Our process server coordinators will manage and research files prior to attempting service. Affidavits are composed, signed and commissioned the morning after a party is served with an electronic version available to you on Legal i LinkTM. With our internal eBoard electronic tracking system we keep a closer eye on limitations and deadlines.


Court Records Acquisition

Powerful tools and resources to help you conduct investigations and due-diligence to support the litigation process.

Let us conduct due-diligence for you. Search for Civil, Federal, Bankruptcy, Archived and Class Actions in all jurisdictions to aid in the process of filing court documents, obtaining court endorsements and obtaining precedent information for use in motions and court proceedings. We will copy pleadings, endorsements and decisions from files at all levels of the judicial system.

Through an extensive network of research associates, our professional team will search, locate, requisition and copy the content of files in any jurisdiction across Canada and the United States. We will locate files that have been misplaced, missing for an extensive period of time, or difficult to locate and upload them into Legal i LinkTM for viewing. Get us to support you with this service so you can focus on other key responsibilities related to the litigation process.


Record Searches and Verification

Capture better insight. Receive the most up-to-date information through specialized searching. Serve successfully.

Let us help you locate a business or a person’s whereabouts to facilitate the service of process. We conduct current address searches and obtain police and accident reports via privileged search engines. When investigating a personal injury claim in which a motor vehicle is involved we will provide the details you need. Access all reports via Legal i LinkTM, our secure online portal which tracks the status of your order(s) 24/7 in real time.

Capture better insight: you have attempted to service an individual and they are no longer available at the last known address. You are trying to serve a party to an action or a witness and do not have an address for service of process. You need to locate an employment address for purposes of garnishing wages or for an alternative address for service. Rely upon a number of exclusive and reliable search methods in order to process and facilitate your litigation matter.


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