Due Diligence upgrades continue

Since our Due Diligence service launched, we have been expanding our features and services in order to best meet our clients’ needs.

The following three improvements have been made:

1. There is always the odd report or search request that doesn’t quite fit into our suite of searches. In response to this, we have launched the “Other Search Request” option – simply titled and widely effective. Located under the ‘Other’ section of report, this new report option allows you to add any search request in any jurisdiction. Simply use the provided text box to describe your request and let us take care of the request. There is even an option to upload documents relevant to the search requests, and as we’ve seen with recent orders, clients have found it a useful tool, requesting searches of mortgage registries, various special acts and foreign corporate searches.

2. In an additional change, we have made accommodation for the Business Certificate of Status reports available in many jurisdictions across Canada. These reports are now available to order for businesses in the following jurisdictions:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

3. Finally, we are proud to offer our client’s the option to bundle large amounts of searches into a single package. We also understand that this may make it difficult for you to find that search a few days or weeks later. Our “All Orders” section now has an additional search feature available to you. While you can continue to search for an order via your File ID or a Date Range, we have added an ‘Entity Search’ field which allows you to search for an order by entering the name of the entity (corporation, business or person) searched.

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