Entity Management Solutions

Manage all your corporate records efficiently and accurately with our Entity Management Solutions. We take all the tasks involved in entity management and combine them into streamlined solutions that follow your workflow. From the Articles of Incorporation filing, preliminary name search and NUANS report to creating organizational resolutions and maintaining a minute book we can do it all for you. Complete corporate compliance is just a ‘click’ or a phone call away.

Solutions are available in the following areas:

Entity Management Online

Discover the power of a single solution

Handle today’s corporate record management challenges more efficiently, by addressing 3 key parts of your business.

– Risk

– Growing Your Business

– Technology


Incorporation and Organizational Proceedings

All in one. One for all. All tasks involved in starting a new corporation combined into one complete package, one effortless solution.

Incorporate across Canada (Articles of Incorporation filing) and receive immediate incorporating documents. File your board of directors’ information (Form 1 Initial Return filing). Adopt your by-laws – set out the basic outline for the corporation’s governance. Enter your shareholders, issue shares, elect directors, appoint officers and create the organizational minutes and resolutions of the corporation. Receive a complete minute book, the official record that evidences all of the corporation’s requirements.

Our comprehensive end-to-end solution delivers a new approach to your incorporation work to help you manage all your needs – organize, retrieve, view, email, and manage the entire process very easily from one user friendly environment! Our solution incorporates electronic access to services and provides technology to manage data, precedents and events through calendaring. Take advantage of pre-defined share classes and our electronic minute book. The ultimate in flexibility.


Name Searching

A fundamental component of corporation formation – comprehensive name search reports that help you create a distinct,meaningful and available entity name.

The power of a name and its value will set your corporation apart. The world identifies a business by its name. When incorporating a corporation, a good name is one that reflects your corporate identity, is memorable and meaningful. Therefore, choose a corporate name that is distinct and sophisticated, that does not sound like or look like another name. Develop a distinctive brand name.

Our unparallel Name Searching Solution contains all corporate entities registered with various governments in Canada. It delivers a report that is unique in its word pattern association and will identify confusing names. It bookmarks different results and includes highlighted summaries. Avoid potential legal problems and let us inform you up front of identical or similar trade names or trademarks that may cause confusion across Canada. An all-inclusive solution that offers you the most protection.


Corporate Maintenance and Changes

One-Stop, all inclusive solution to manage a corporate record spanning the lifecycle of a corporation

Cover the internal & external processes that are vital to an entity’s lifecycle. The focus is on the management of a corporation throughout its lifecycle: managing annual maintenance and managing change requests. File annual returns, update director(s) and officer(s) information, transfer shares, amend corporate name. Monitor all of your records from one convenient place.

Our innovative solution provides a complete end-to-end solution to entity formation, entity post formation and entity annual maintenance via one comprehensive record management system. It provides technology to manage data, precedents and events through calendaring and incorporates electronic access to services. Receive guidance and support through the lifecycle of a corporation to ensure compliance. Don’t let corporate record maintenance tasks pile up any longer, keep your minute book current at all times.



Reduce the burden of registration compliance. A single destination to access the most extensive registration services across Canada and U.S.

Register and renew sole proprietorships, general partnerships and trade names. Register extra-provincially in the province in which you will be doing business. Request various licences and permits from different levels of government. Obtain a business number in order to register accounts with Government Agencies, such as an HST, GST or QST accounts, Payroll Account, Import/Export Account, WSIB Account.

Leveraging a comprehensive database of agents across the various corporate registries across Canada and the US, we can file articles, declarations and returns, obtain certified copies of government filings, advice on business licences and permits. We facilitate document drafting and support the entire legislative process. By having multiple systems in place, we tackle any request with ease and have it processed quickly. Comply with confidence.


Legal Supplies

Your Minute Book. Your way. A reflection of your organization’s unique personality. Flexible corporate supply packages.

Every corporation has its own distinct culture and history. And your minute book is a reflection of your organization’s unique personality. So, when it comes to legal supplies, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our legal supply service offers you a wide variety of ordering options. And if you don’t find the package that best suits you, mix and match components to create your own customized minute book kit.

Our supreme Legal Supplies Solution offers utmost flexibility. Choose from various styles of minute book. Each style comes pre-packaged with varying components, protective vinyl envelope, minute paper, index and register pages, corporate embosser, share certificates, by-laws and opening resolutions. Mix and match packages any way you want – the combinations are endless. A corporate supply service designed for you – with a variety of ordering options, time-saving order entry and a fast and efficient delivery service.


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